SPECIALS “150 Years Brevillier”

Brevillier Urban & Sachs
are delighted
to celebrate this year a very special event:
the firm’s 150th anniversary

150 years of experience
150 years of tradition
150 years of manufacturing at the highest level

Brevillier Urban & Sachs is a company with a long tradition. The history dates back to 1863 – a year in which the foundations were laid for the manufacture of pencils. The factory was at that time in Graz, where it remains until the present day, and the name of Brevillier, together with the name of the first lead pencil, the „Cullinan“, was assured a place in the history of the pencil. During the last 150 years, Brevillier Urban & Sachs always succeeded in keeping in step with the times. The daily challenge is to remain innovative and to constantly adjust the product range to suit the needs of the consumer.

In celebration of this special occasion, we are offering, for a limited period only, a special anniversary promotion for our loyal customers and for all those who wish to become customers. Here is a summary of our anniversary promotion and of the new products for 2013:


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